What people are saying about Daily Living Skills Worksheets:


“Linda Harrison has developed a useful compendium of worksheets as a resource for occupational therapists and other service providers who work collaboratively with individuals with health issues and/or disability in their efforts to experience success and satisfaction in community living. The worksheets  address a broad range of  daily living skills, but also  extend beyond this to touch on issues related to  enabling a meaningful life in the community including, dreaming and planning for the future, achieving self-determination and autonomy, celebrating achievements, experiencing satisfaction with time use, developing  self-advocacy, and organizing peer-support initiatives. The worksheets are clear and simple, and will likely be appealing to most adults. When used with careful attention to needs and strengths, the workbook will be a valuable resource for supporting individuals as they realize their full potential.”

Terry Krupa, PhD, OT Reg (Ont), Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s University


“Daily Living Skills is a helpful tool in working with clients, whose cognition and executive skills have been compromised, towards their personal recovery goals. Simple and easy to use, the templates are user-friendly.” 

Chris Summerville, D.Min., CPRP
Executive Director
Manitoba Schizophrenia Society


“… I am happy to report that Linda’s book of worksheets is AWESOME. :)… All the worksheets are simple to use – you photocopy whatever is applicable to your client and it saves you from having to write it all up yourself. For example, a check-list of “Things I will need for my new place” broken down by rooms. I think this would be an especially valuable book for therapists working with people with intellectual disabilities and MOST ESPECIALLY, MENTAL HEALTH!… I think if you work with populations (ie teens and adults) that are working on basic independent living skills, that it is totally worth it as you can reuse the resources and also not have to reinvent the wheel! 🙂 Seriously, this book can save you SO MUCH FREAKING TIME! ” Read the full book review on Karen’s blog: Miss Awesomeness.

Karen Dobyns
Occupational Therapist, California


“This book of reproducible worksheets is great for teaching independent living skills and is ideal for use with individuals with a variety of diagnoses. I work in the school setting, and I am excited to have so many different worksheets addressing skills such as goal-setting, memory/safety, and time/money management (and much more!) to use with my middle and high school students with special needs. I am highly impressed with the “functional” and “practical” nature of the worksheets…from making out a grocery list to using the bus!”

Dr. Anne Zachry
Occupational Therapist, Texas
Blog: Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips


“This book is perfect for occupational therapists who might be new to working with these relatively high functioning clients. But even the more seasoned therapists will find this comprehensive resource beneficial and will surely come across some new ideas. It’s a must for other staff-perhaps counselors, teachers and even parents eager to push the little chick out of the nest.”  Read the full book review on Barbara’s blog: The Recycling Occupational Therapist.

Barbara A. Smith, M.S., O.T.R.
Author of The Recycling Occupational Therapist, and Still Giving Kisses: A guide to helping you enjoy the Alzheimer’s victim you love.


“Linda Harrison’s “Daily Living Skills Worksheets” is a great teaching aid for content related to Memory/ safety, Leisure/productivity,  Communication, Managing Meetings, Problem Solving/reflection and Recording thoughts and feelings. Each worksheet is accompanied by guidelines that include the purpose and directions for use, including helpful tips.” Read the full book review on Marnie’s blog: Enabling Access.

Marnie Courage, O.T. Reg. (M.B.)
Manager Director
Enabling Access


“Wow, these daily living skills sheets will be excellent for students & adults with special needs or mental health issues.  Linda’s sheets cover every area, where people can use a little organizational help.  I think I may even use some for my own personal life!”

Karen Gannon
Teacher, Ontario

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